RTI Perftest 2.0 is Now Available!

I am proud to announce the release of RTI Perftest 2.0! We developed it to test the performance of RTI Connext® DDS 5.2.x. This release is packed with tons of important changes and features. Let's take a look at the most notable ones below.

Now on Github:


We decided to bump up the way we maintain and distribute the code. Our RTI Perftest code can now easily be located in a public repository on Github (Link). We also intend to update RTI Perftest code not just from release to release, but every time a feature or a bug fix is completed. We encourage you all to contribute with any ideas, changes or fixes by forking from our project and then doing a pull request with the changes.

New Versioning Schema

You might have noticed already that we moved from using the RTI Connext DDS versioning schema (5.2.0, 5.2.3, etc) to a new one: RTI Perftest 2.0. The reason for this change is to de-couple the RTI Perftest releases from the RTI Connext DDS ones. Our goal is to make sure that every new release of RTI Connext DDS will be compatible with the latest version of RTI Perftest.

New Directory Structure and a Better Compilation System

For this release, we wanted to focus on organizing and simplifying our code and its compilation. The code is conveniently arranged with fewer folders and more descriptive names. Instead of maintaining a huge number of makefiles and visual studio solutions, we leveraged two build scripts (one for Unix systems and another for Windows). This will utilize RTI Connext DDS Code generator (rtiddsgen) and use the specific makefiles/solutions for your architecture. Side effect? We can automatically support every architecture for which rtiddsgen can generate a makefile or a solution.

Easy Access to Documentation

We have rebuilt the documentation in markdown and will automatically generate html documents for every new release. And we will always keep it online and updated: Link.

Dynamic Data and UDPv6 Support

Two additional and very important features for RTI Perftest that allows you to test a wide range of new scenarios. For full details, visit the Release Notes where you will also find more about new features and bugfixes.

Compile and Execute in an Embedded Platform with Ease

We designed our build system so now cross-compiling from linux is much easier. There is no need to create specific makefiles for your architecture and hardcode tons of paths.

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