Autonomous Vehicle Tech Meetup

Last week at RTI, lots of good discussions buzzed around during the Autonomous Vehicle Tech Meetup. The event was a lot of fun; a good mix of attendees and everyone seemed to really enjoy the presentations and conversations.

20160303 nissan RTI meetup - presentation

Richard Bishop gave a fantastic presentation where he explained the approaches for owned and shared autonomy. His passion for this subject matter was obvious, both in the depth of knowledge and the great jokes he shared!

During the event, Richard reminded us that just 100 years ago our horse was something that we had to own. Now only the rich own a horse. For me, this simple observation was a light­bulb moment.

20160303 nissan RTI meetup - crowd 01

If you're in the Bay Area, join us on March 17th for a second Meetup! Click here details and to RSVP.

20160303 nissan RTI meetup - crowd 02

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