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RTI is the infrastructure software company for smart-world systems. The company’s RTI Connext product is the world's leading software framework for intelligent distributed systems.

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RTI Services Delivery Partner (SDP) Program

RTI Services Delivery Partner (SDP) Program

Core values are critical. They shape how and why we do what we do, both personally and professionally. Here at RTI, we do our best to make decisions that are informed by our values, which ensures our strategic goals are consistent with our mission – to enable and realize the potential of smart machines to serve mankind.

Our Services Delivery Partner (SDP) program is no exception. It’s the realization of one of our core values: valuing the importance of working as a team. As with any organization, the value of teamwork is realized internally as well as externally. With SDP, the value of teamwork is embodied in how we work with our partners, who are critical to continued growth. That’s one of the many reasons I’m excited about the recent addition of Tech Mahindra and Remedy IT to our rapidly expanding SDP program.

The Value of Partnerships

I find Wikipedia’s definition of partnerships quite helpful in light of our SDP program vision. Wikipedia defines a partnership as “an arrangement where parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests…to increase the likelihood of each achieving their mission and to amplify their reach.” By leveraging the power of two brands and our market-leading connectivity platform for the IIoT, our SDPs can offer their customers a broader variety of product and service choices for a truly best-in-class IIoT solution. The SDP program gives partners the ability to design, plan, implement, and support RTI-enabled solutions in their customers’ environments.

Needless to say, we see these partnerships as critical to healthy growth, and that is precisely why we’re actively growing our SDP program and driving our strategic partnerships to the next level.

Advancing Our Mutual Interests, Amplifying Our Reach

Our SDP program strategy is specifically designed to focus on:

  • Establishing a growth multiplier
  • Amplifying our reach

Establishing a Growth Multiplier

Companies are continually looking for effective ways to strengthen their brand and expand awareness. We’re no different at RTI and plan to leverage the power of our partnerships to increase our market presence and technology adoption rate. In fact, right after our joint press release was issued announcing our new relationship with Tech Mahindra, we saw immediate coverage:

Aligning with our SDPs will create a catalyst for growth that allows us to benefit from our partners’ solutions-focused global presence, significant vertical expertise, and worldwide sales teams. We see this as a perfect complement to RTI’s connectivity platform for the IIoT. These partnerships enable us to be even more aggressive in driving adoption of our technology in more and more vertical solutions. By combining efforts, we can deliver solutions and services for the emerging and dynamic requirements of the IIoT market in key verticals around the world, including energy, automotive, avionics, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Amplifying Our Reach

In addition to expanding the adoption of our connectivity platform, we’re also looking to amplify our services reach. Today, RTI’s professional services organization delivers high-value expertise but is inelastic given our current composition. We plan to leverage the size and vertical expertise of our partners to offer our existing and emerging customers additional value and establish a more elastic delivery capability, which is vital to RTI’s continued growth.

The Way Forward

As you can probably tell, we’re quite excited about our SDP program, and we look forward to providing additional updates as the program grows. If you have any questions or you’re interested in becoming a Services Delivery Partner, don’t hesitate to contact us at