Built-in QoS Profiles

One of the great things about DDS is the variety of Quality-of-Service (QoS) settings that are available to a user. These QoS settings help to fine-tune any DDS application to fit a use case's every specification. With all of this choice, however, comes great responsibility… and possibly a few headaches along the way. QoS configuration has historically been an obstacle for DDS users and I'm happy to announce that with our latest release of RTI Connext DDS 5.1.0 we have introduced built-In QoS profiles that will help to alleviate those initial aches and pains.

Built-in QoS profiles are exactly what the name suggests, a group of 34 QoS profiles that are built right into the RTI Connext DDS libraries and that can be used simply by referring to them by name, just as you would with any other user-defined QoS profile. Now, instead of thinking about how to configure your system one QoS at a time, you can think in more general terms about what behavior you are trying to achieve and choose a profile that most closely meets your needs.

Built-in QoS profiles allow you to quickly enable certain RTI Connext DDS features such as the monitoring library or asynchronous publishing for large data and the Baseline.*.*.*" profiles provide a quick way to revert back to default QoS values from previous versions of RTI Connext DDS. These profiles can be used just like any other user-defined QoS profile both in XML files as well as directly in code.

Built-in Profile In XML
Inheriting from a built-in QoS profile in XML.
Using a built-in profile in code.
Using a built-in profile in code.

The full contents of the built-in QoS profiles are shipped with the core libraries in a BuiltinProfiles.documentaionONLY.xml file and a complete list of the profiles with descriptions can be found in our online html documentation (here) on the RTI Community Portal – community.rti.com.

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