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Thank you for your purchase of an Essential Support package subscription, which includes:

Essential Support Package

Live  Training Options

3 Days (24 hours) of RTI Xcelerator 

RTI Academy

Connext Professional 

Connext Micro 

Connext Secure 

Up to 24 hours (3 days) for use towards one or more RTI Xcelerators..

Each licensed Project developer has access to the Basic and Essential courses for RTI Academy.

3-Day QuickStart Training Package Connext DDS Professional QuickStart Connext DDS Secure QuickStart Connext DDS Micro Training

*The Essential Support Package described on this page is for a standard 12-month subscription. Your subscription package may vary based on individual contract details. Please reach out to your account team or scheduling@rti.com if you have any questions.

Live Connext Training

RTI’s comprehensive training portfolio is the fastest and most effective way to learn about RTI Connext. Your Essential Support package provides access to the following training options:

  • RTI Academy
  • Live Training
  • Learn type of RTI Xcelerators

We recommend the following journey for your first year:

  1. Log into RTI Academy and enroll in the Fundamentals of RTI Connext. This learning plan gives you the knowledge required to start with RTI Connext. You can find this learning plan in the Basic catalog in RTI Academy.

    After the fundamentals, or in parallel, you can enroll in the Writing a Connext DDS Chat Application course, also in RTI Academy. This course walks you through the complete development of a distributed Chat application based on RTI Connext. This course is available only to customers with access to the Essential catalog in RTI Academy.

    Note that every licensed developer on your team is eligible to access RTI Academy! Contact your Account Team or rtiacademy@rti.com if you need assistance with access.

  2. When you are ready, schedule Live Training with the Professional Services team. Over years of experience, we have crafted specific training agendas to meet the needs of our customers. With an expert instructor, the training will be interactive and tailored to your system and project needs.

    Click here to learn more about live training options and schedule your training
  3. If you are interested in learning about something specific, use your RTI Xcelerators time for “Learn” Xcelerators. In the “Learn” Xcelerators, you will find options like training for a specific product, best practices, or knowledge about design patterns. See below for more information about Xcelerators and how to schedule sessions at any time.

Learning never stops! This is the recommendation for the first year, but you can request training or use your RTI Xcelerators time throughout your project lifecycle.

RTI Xcelerators Days

Your package includes 3 days (24 hours) for use with RTI Xcelerators, RTI’s comprehensive and flexible approach to providing customers with additional expertise to accelerate success. RTI Xcelerators are services designed specifically to help you achieve a targeted result with RTI technology in a matter of days or less. You can customize your Essential Support Plan by selecting Xcelerators based on the phase of your project, near-term milestones, or specific needs. 

Additionally, you can opt to convert your live training days into 3 additional RTI Xcelerators days. We recommend taking this option only if your team already has received training or has sufficient experience with Connext. Please contact your Account Team or the Scheduling Team (scheduling@rti.com) if you want more information about converting your training.

RTI Xcelerators have prerequisites and can vary in duration, from a few hours to a few days. At any time, you can use your available hours to select Xcelerators that fit your needs, or work with the Professional Services team to create a custom Xcelerator if unable to find something in the existing catalog.

Click here to learn more, view the current catalog, and schedule your RTI  Xcelerators
Please let us know if your project has training or support needs other than the options listed above. We can tailor the engagement to best suit your requirements.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.
- RTI Professional Services

About RTI Professional Services

The RTI professional services team helps organizations around the world optimize their high-performance DDS-based systems. With over 350 years of combined distributed system design experience and 130 years of DDS experience, our services engineers deliver results ranging from architecture and design review to performance optimization to operational efficiency gains to locating problems in homegrown code. Whether on-site or remote, we provide training, deep-dive analysis, recommendations and hands-on code changes to ensure systems work as intended.

Through years of successful projects, we’ve accumulated deep knowledge about best practices, system optimization and the key tradeoffs to satisfy customer requirements. Working closely with RTI’s growing customer base, we continually discover better, smarter, and more effective ways to help our customers succeed.