Services A-Z

Definitions of All RTI Services, Past and Present

The following is a complete list of services and service components offered by the RTI Professional Services teams. For details on these or other services, please email or contact your local sales representative.

  • Advanced Training – RTI consultants develop customized training based on the needs of your project and team. The training covers any combination of topics, including Quality of Service tuning, data-centric design and debugging and development tools.
  • Application and DDS Integration – During integration, RTI consultants quickly identify issues and messaging anomalies that may be associated with the use of Connext DDS, including incompatible QoS definitions.
  • Architecture Design – RTI consultants provide specific design recommendations and guidance and develop the design approach for an entire DDS-based architecture framework that supports your system requirements.
  • Architecture Review – If you have already developed a design, RTI consultants review it and provide guidance and recommendations to ensure the most effective and efficient use of Connext DDS.
  • Architecture Study – Maximize the value of your system investments by making the correct architectural and data model design decisions to meet your short-term and long-term needs. The 1- to 2-month study provides architectural guidance, usage recommendations and, if identified, risk areas associated with the use cases. It also includes recommendations on how to mitigate those risks.
  • Code Review – Drawing on years of experience , RTI consultants provide an expert review of your application code with an emphasis on those parts with dependencies on Connext DDS.
  • Custom Abstraction API – With this popular offering, RTI consultants create a customer- or domain-specific API that not only uses core Connext DDS technology and product features effectively, but also abstracts the complexity into an interface geared toward your specific environment.
  • Data Model and Design Patterns – In this training program, RTI consultants explore the design of a data-centric data model that enables interoperability and meets the key requirements typically levied on a system of systems, namely integratability, extensibility, scalability and interoperability. This training was developed to help program and project managers, technical managers, system integrators, system engineers, software systems engineers, software architects, system architects and others learn what it takes to design system of systems interoperability.
  • eLearning – This self-paced, modular, online video training program presents the essentials of Connext DDS and how to use it for development.
  • Performance Testing – Get the most from your system by having RTI consultants help develop performance test scenarios that are specific and unique to your environment. Use these test to determine the limits of your system and to help analyze every aspect of your application. This way, you can effectively use QoS and other Connext DDS features to maximize performance.
  • Proof of Concept – RTI consultants develop customized applications to help identify and mitigate risks during the early phases of design. They also provide valuable insight into alternative implementations and mechanisms to best use Connext DDS.
  • QoS Tuning – RTI consultants ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency by recommending the best use of and settings for the variety of Quality of Service parameters available with Connext DDS.
  • Quick Start Training – This intensive 2- to 3-day, hands-on training program helps you rapidly acquire the skills needed to use Connext DDS within your application. This program covers core concepts with a focus on the capabilities needed by your application.
  • Routing Service Adapters – RTI consultants show you how to use Routing Service Adapters to enable applications to move and transform data from different networking protocols to and from DDS.
  • Scalability Testing – As your systems expand beyond closed networks scale will affect system design. RTI consultants provide targeted testing that helps you define, create, and understand the requirements necessary for expanding your system to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of unique end-points.
  • Test Scenarios – Ensure that you meet customer needs and expectations by having RTI consultants help you develop test scenarios specific to both your application and the deployment environment.
  • Toolkits for Integration with 3rd Party Software – With this service, your developers can use existing, legacy software with newer DDS-based applications. RTI develops toolkits specific to your system that allow developers to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party commercial software applications that inherently work with DDS. .
  • Tools Training – RTI offers extensive training and support to help your developers use available Connext DDS tools to effectively integrate, troubleshoot, deploy and maintain your DDS application using intuitive, graphical interfaces.
  • Transport Plug-ins – RTI consultants develop custom plug-ins when you need a DDS application to interface to different types of networking transports (for example TCP, UDP, Shared Memory Infiniband).
  • Use Case Discovery – The Use Case Discovery (UCD) enables your team to make efficient architectural and technology decisions very early in your project life cycle based on your specific use-cases and business drivers. The UCD provides both an introduction to the fundamental concepts of architecting systems with the RTI middleware and a 2-day "technical deep-dive" at your site. RTI works with your team to develop known use-cases and business drivers, identify unstated or emergent use-cases, parameterize functional requirements and identify potential infrastructure gaps or issues.