Connecting Healthcare with Connext DDS

Hospitals are rolling out sophisticated equipment complete with sensors, software, pervasive networking and mobile components in their quest to improve care. Yet the reality is that most medical equipment is not connected, leading to administrative and patient care inefficiencies, cost overruns, medical errors, longer recovery times and even death. Today, medical errors account for over 200,000 preventable deaths annually.

RTI brings its expertise in intelligent distributed systems to connected healthcare. It connects proprietary machines, software and mobile devices. It also enables information flow for real-time decisions, from the operating room to telemedicine. Data-centric design principles are used to code secure, interoperable systems that can exchange data in near real time with no single point of failure, while operating within all regulatory compliance.

Proven Readiness for Connected Healthcare Systems

Connext DDS is the connectivity framework for the development of modern distributed healthcare systems. It delivers:

  • A single solution to address the wide range of demanding data-connectivity requirements
  • Full visibility into data in-motion
  • Plug-and-play interoperability between systems and system components
  • Scalability for increasingly large and complex systems
  • Self-forming and self-healing resilient systems with no single point of failure
  • Low latency with real-time Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Proven integration of a fast local control loop with secure connectivity over long distances and with cloud infrastructure
  • Reliable systems operation over low-bandwidth communication links with long transmission delays
  • Fully interoperable DDS security support for confidentiality, integrity and access control

Case+Code for Integrated Medical Devices

Access to better data means improved decision making that can save lives. This RTI Connext use case explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.

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