The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Consortium is a government and industry organization that develops software standards and business approaches for military avionics systems. Its primary purpose is to drive down acquisition costs and promote innovation and rapid integration of software systems for portable capabilities across services and programs. RTI Connext TSS, now certified as FACE Conformant, provides a proven path to both FACE conformance and RTCA DO-178C safety certification.

FACE DDSWithin the FACE architecture, the Transport Services Segment (TSS) provides the APIs and capabilities that portable components use to exchange data. To help component developers and systems integrators meet their connectivity requirements, RTI offers a FACE Certified Conformant TSS product, support, consulting and engineering services, including:

  • RTI Connext TSS for developers and integrators who want to take advantage of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard in a FACE systems that requires FACE conformance.
  • RTI Connext Tools to accelerate development, debugging, testing, integration, and optimization—including run-time system and data introspection.
  • FACE TSS Support Package to provide expert guidance and support for integration of the RTI reference implementation into a specific platform.
  • FACE TSS Design Services to develop customizations to the reference implementation necessary to meet system-specific requirements.

FACE_Boundary_DiagramFACE Reference Architecture with RTI Transport Services Segment

RTI, the FACE Consortium and The Open Group

RTI supports open industry standards and has been an active member of the FACE Consortium since 2010, and more recently the Open Group SOSA Consortium. 


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