The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard and Business Approach promote software reuse across disparate airborne platforms, both piloted and autonomous. Within the widely-adopted FACE architecture, the Transport Services Segment (TSS) provides the APIs and capabilities that FACE portable components use to exchange data. 

RTI Connext® TSS provides an off-the-shelf TSS solution that accelerates component development and integration. Connext TSS runs on a wide variety of operating systems and CPUs, and is customizable to meet system-specific requirements. Connext TSS is now available as an add-on product for RTI customers with a license to RTI Connext. 

RTI Connext TSS Benefits

  • Certified conformance to the FACE Technical Standard, enabling broad compatibility, interoperability,  and reliable scalability.
  • Expeditious path to DO-178C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A certification, offering a fast and low-risk solution for safety-critical systems.
  • Open standards-based data-centric software foundation and wire protocol for rapid interoperability and deployment.

The RTI Connext TSS Advantage

RTI Connext TSS is certified FACE conformant to the FACE Technical Standard. Connext TSS is integrated with RTI Connext, making it easy for component developers and systems integrators to take advantage of both the FACE technical standard and the Object Management Group® (OMG®) Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard. Connext TSS offers decentralized architecture with peer-to-peer communication for low latency and no single point of failure, meaning no brokers or servers are required.

To accelerate the integration with FACE conformant software components with legacy systems, systems without data models, and non-FACE conformant systems, RTI offers tools that enable the rapid data translation of data from different systems into a FACE solution stack. 

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RTCA DO-178C DAL A Certification Evidence

RTI Connext TSS offers commercial RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C DALA certification evidence containing audits by a third party for rapid and reliable airworthiness review. This evidence contains design documents, high- and low-level requirements, project documents, SOA audit memos, test results and more. This drives down the airworthiness risk in programs requiring safety certification.

RTI FACE Partner Ecosystem

RTI has the most comprehensive FACE Partner Ecosystem in the industry. RTI has proven integrations with over twenty hardware and software providers that accelerate the development and deployment of FACE platforms Most of these partners have commercial RTCA DO-178C and DO-254 certification evidence, and many have RTCA DO-330 qualified tools that accelerate airworthiness.


FACE Reference Architecture with RTI Connext TSS

RTI's comprehensive support plans provide your team with direct access to Professional Services experts who can increase your efficiency with Connext TSS and accelerate your integration efforts into new or existing infrastructure. RTI offers time-tested services, called Xcelerators, with options for training, architectural analysis and design support, whether your target is the FACE General Purpose or Safety profiles.

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