eLearning Program

Self-Paced Video-Based Training Modules

The RTI eLearning program is a collection of over 11 hours of video-based self-paced training suitable for both new and experienced users of RTI Connext DDS products. The Connext DDS Online Training included in the eLearning program presents 27 video modules with principles, hands-on exercises and guidance covering:

  • Basics of DDS
  • RTI GUI and command line tools
  • Debugging concepts and best practices
  • Performance testing

Each module is presented by a seasoned RTI service engineer who shows you how to productively and effectively deploy RTI Connext DDS products in complex distributed systems.

The RTI eLearning program makes a lot of sense when onsite training is not an option. It's less expensive and you don't have to coordinate your staff schedules to match course availability.


Select modules can be viewed for free.

The complete Connext DDS Online Training costs US $1065 per person per year. To purchase, please email info@rti.com or contact your local RTI representative.

RTI Connext DDS Online Training Modules

Linked modules may be viewed for free.

Chapter 1: RTI Connext DDS Training Agenda [3:25]

Chapter 2: Introducing RTI Connext DDS [30:41]

Chapter 3: Understanding DDS Fundamentals [1:34:42]

Chapter 4: Defining Your Data (DDS Topics and Types) [35:16]

Chapter 5: Developing Your Application [2:04:59]

  • Understanding the Programming Model
  • Defining Data Flows
  • Achieving Desired Behavior via QoS
  • Accessing Discovery Information

Chapter 6: Publishing Your Data [1:33:05]

  • Basics
  • Reliability
  • Large and Small Data

Chapter 7: Subscribing to Data [1:21:15]

  • Accessing Data
  • Managing Queues

Chapter 8: Monitoring and Debugging Your Applications [2:26:40]

Chapter 9: Measuring Performance with PerfTest Utility [35:07]

Chapter 10: RTI Connext DDS Training Conclusion [1:09]

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US $1065 per person per year or contact your sales representative for group pricing.

To purchase, please email info@rti.com or contact your local RTI representative.

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