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Time to Sync Up on Consistency in IIoT Systems

An important (and hotly debated) topic in distributed system design is which consistency model to use. Consistency models influence many parts of system design, and picking one over the other impacts things like system availability and robustness against network failures. This blog is meant for system architects that want to get a better handle on what it means to be or not to be consistent.

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Benchmarking Connext DDS vs. Open Source DDS

I am part of the RTI services team and we frequently help our users with optimizing performance. To see how we stack up, I recently benchmarked RTI Connext DDS against two open source DDS implementations. You would expect that comparing one DDS implementation with another is easy, but from the length of this blog you can probably guess that this was not the case. To help users navigate some of the common pitfalls when comparing DDS implementations, I decided to write them down in a blog. However, this topic is pretty broad so I’ve focused this blog on latency.

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Profiling Distributed Applications with Perf

I, like many developers, have been in situations where I needed to take an existing application and make it faster–basically by removing slow code and replacing it with fast code. I know now to follow one simple rule when it comes to optimizing code:

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