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Introducing RTI Labs and Connector for Connext DDS with Python

This week we are thrilled to announce RTI Labs, a free program that provides our customers with early access to new technology we are developing for the Industrial IoT. We are calling them experimental projects. Customers who take advantage of RTI Labs have the opportunity to leverage next-generation technology and influence our product roadmap by providing feedback on the experimental features. It’s a win-win situation!

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Rapid Data Transformations Are Moments Away!

When I started college, everybody was talking about “Information Technology.” At that point I had been programming for quite a while and it wasn’t clear to me what coding had to do with that fancy terminology. After a few more years of coding, I realized the connection: all I do, day in and day out, is move bytes (information) from one memory location to another. Copying the contents of a struct into the socket buffer and sending it out; getting the bytes from the socket buffer and deserializing them into a structure to pass them to the application logic. Well, that’s part of what communication middleware does for you!

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Replacing ZeroMQ with RTI Connext DDS in an Actor Based System

Scalability is one of the key properties of modern software that allows for applications to adapt to changes in the context where they're operating. Nowadays, distributed architectures, cloud computing, and multicore processors change the development of concurrent programming such that they help to fulfill scalability requirements. In these scenarios, the traditional shared state programming has shown its limit: threads must be able to synchronize to guarantee concurrency. This can be a complex, tricky, and expensive operation that if it is not done correctly, can easily lead to race conditions, deadlocks, or starvation; possibly compromising the overall performance of the system.

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Build a Multi-Location Temperature-Monitoring System using Connext DDS & RTI Prototyper with Lua

Some employes in the northwest corner were feeling colder than the engineers on the south side of the building. The engineers, of course, thought it was simply because they were hotter than anybody else, but they took up the challenge to discover whether there was really a problem. In fact, we attempted to use our own RTI Connext DDS and a bunch of other technologies to prove how easy it is to integrate different systems together.

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