RTI Connext DDS Software

Messaging Software for Intelligent Machines

RTI Connext® DDS software provides a messaging solution optimized for communication within and between intelligent machines and devices. Connext DDS products fulfill the demanding performance, reliability and security requirements of critical infrastructure—including support for deployment in distributed and dynamic environments at the network edge.

What Can DDS Do (for You)?

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Available Software

  • Connext DDS Professional – a rich, comprehensive messaging platform that integrates with existing applications and IT systems.
  • Connext DDS Secure – robust security capabilities compliant with the new DDS Security specification to augment Connext DDS Professional.
  • Connext DDS Micro – portable and small-footprint real-time messaging solution for resource-constrained devices that does not require an OS.
  • Connext DDS Cert – messaging solution for systems subject to stringent safety certifications, including DO-178C Level A.
  • DDS Toolkit for LabVIEW – fast and scalable data communication for LabVIEW that includes seamless interoperability with Connext DDS applications.

Why Choose Connext DDS?

Machines are becoming more software intensive, programmable and connected. This trend is accelerating as organizations exploit the Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT). With systems increasingly distributed and open, their underlying communication approach can no longer support the required scalability, interoperability and flexibility.

Connext DDS products provide a robust and scalable messaging foundation for more intelligent and connected machines. They offer a simple programming model, flexible integration capabilities and open interfaces. This allows software architects and developers to:

  • Develop distributed applications faster
  • Integrate systems more efficiently
  • Maintain and evolve products at a lower cost

Take Grunt Work and Complexity Out of Network Programming

High-level publish/subscribe messaging APIs ease distributed application development. To communicate, software components just publish the data they produce and subscribe to the data they consume. Connext DDS automatically routes data between publishers and subscribers of the same data topic. Applications do not have to deal with complex low-level networking details like sockets, addressing, discovery, reliability and serialization.

Share Real-Time Data Across an Enterprise

For enterprise-wide integration, Connext DDS applications interoperate seamlessly across:

  • Operating systems – Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Unix, Android, iOS, RTOS and bare metal
  • Programming languages and environments – such as C, C++, C#/.NET, Java, Ada, Lua, Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Simulink and UML
  • Network types – shared memory, backplane, LAN, WAN and Internet
DDS has broad platform and network support.

Because of its broad platform and network support, Connext DDS can provide a unified message bus across Operational Technology (OT) systems deployed at the edge and IT systems deployed in a data center or cloud. It also integrates easily with an existing enterprise messaging systems or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Design for Machines, Not Just for IT

Software embedded in machines has unique requirements. It must perform in real-time to control physical-world processes. It must be completely reliable to ensure the safety of its users. And it must operate autonomously for deployment at the network edge.

Connext DDS is specifically designed for intelligent machines and their related cyber-physical systems. Unlike messaging middleware designed primarily for IT systems, Connext DDS does not require message brokers, directory services, servers or administration. The core messaging infrastructure is wholly contained in libraries linked into your applications. Applications automatically discover each other and communicate peer-to-peer.

Decentralized architecture provides significant benefits:

  • Low latency – network hops and task switches are minimized
  • High throughput and scalability – with no broker, there are no choke points
  • Non-stop availability – no single point of failure means no unplanned downtime
  • Plug and play – applications and devices spontaneously communicate, even in dynamic and ad hoc environments
  • Easy to embed – no external software has to be deployed and administered

Connext DDS also delivers the real-time Quality of Service (QoS) required by distributed control systems. Applications can specify their timing constraints and are notified of missed deadlines. To maximize determinism, Connext DDS has its own reliability protocol that supports UDP, multicast and non-IP networks such as radio and satellite links. TCP and IP are optional.

Trust RTI Leadership

With over 2 decades of DDS experience, RTI is the leading DDS vendor, with over 70% market share. All Connext DDS software complies with the Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems standard from the Object Management Group (OMG).