Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™)

The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium is an aviation-focused consortium managed by The Open Group. It includes leading U.S. industry suppliers, customers and users. Its primary purpose is to promote government acquisition flexibility by enabling the re-use of capabilities through portable applications.

RTI is an active contributor to the FACE Consortium, striving to reduce the time and cost to develop, integrate and launch avionics capabilities. RTI works within the FACE Transport Services Segment (TSS) technical working group and continues to expand the capabilities of our FACE TSS implementation.

To help advance FACE Consortium goals, RTI offers:

  • FACE TSS reference implementation based on the FACE Technical Standard 2.0 that provides the FACE Transport Services (TS) application programming interface implemented over RTI Connext Data Distribution Service (DDS) compliant middleware. This includes Connext DDS Cert, which is certifiable to DO-178C Level A and is ideal for resource-constrained applications.
  • FACE TSS design services and support program that combines training and expert guidance to help developers use the RTI TSS to architect FACE compliant distributed systems, thus enabling efficient communication between their units of portability (UoP).

The FACE Consortium and The Open Group

For more information about the FACE Consortium and The Open Group, including its mission, membership, upcoming events, progress, documentation and news, please visit http://www.opengroup.org/face.