Understanding and utilizing common use case patterns

The Professional Services team has decades of experiences working with a variety of distributed systems. Over the years, the team has accumulated deep knowledge about common patterns that have enabled customers to obtain the most value from Connext. Our experts can help you understand when to utilize a pattern, the trade-offs that must be considered, and when an attractive pattern may be the wrong approach.

Learn how to apply these common patterns to save time and effort when designing your system.


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • You must have previous Connext experience and/or training. You must be familiar with the fundamental DDS concepts such as DDS entities, publish/subscribe APIs, Quality of Service configuration, discovery, transports, and configuration files.
  • You must be prepared to describe and discuss your use case and key system requirements.
  • You must provide access to the appropriate personnel who can provide information requested by our experts.

Expected Duration

This service typically is delivered in 8 hours.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite if bundled with other activities.

***Please note that RTI has restrictions for onsite services. If you are interested in onsite services, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine if your onsite request can be satisfied.***