RTI Connector Training

RTI Connector for Connext DDS consists of a family of APIs that provide a quick and easy way to write applications that publish and subscribe to the RTI Connext DDS databus in Python and JavaScript. You can integrate the powerful capabilities of Connext DDS in web applications using JavaScript, or in complex simulation or machine-learning applications with Python. Additional experimental project versions of RTI Connector provide language bindings for C#, Go, and Lua.

What's Involved

An expert will introduce you to RTI Connector and guide you through the steps to creating and deploying your Connector applications. This includes:

  • An overview of the Connector API in the language of your choice (Python or Javascript)
  • Using XML Application Creation to define your Connext DDS system and configure Connector


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • You must have previous Connext DDS experience and/or training. You must be familiar with the fundamental DDS concepts such as DDS entities, publish/subscribe APIs, Quality of Service configuration, discovery, transports, and configuration files.

Expected Duration

This service typically is delivered in 2 hours.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite if bundled with other activities.

***Notice regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19): In an effort to protect both the health of our valued customers and employees, RTI has restrictions for on-site services until the resolution of the pandemic.***