Optimizing Connext discovery for your system

For your systems to work as one, applications first must find their appropriate peers and exchange the necessary information to verify and enable communication. In Connext, discovery provides this behind-the-scenes activity where DDS entities (DomainParticipants, DataWriters, and DataReaders) on different nodes find out about each other. Out of the box discovery just works for many systems, but there are situations where discovery must be tuned for specific system needs.

Rely on the Professional Services team to understand your objectives and provide focused guidance on how to optimize discovery for your system.

What's Involved

An expert will work with your team to identify how discovery can be adapted to your use case, including:

  • Configuring the discovery protocol to reduce bandwidth
  • Configuring the discovery protocol to reduce memory consumption
  • Configuring the discovery protocol to speed up the time for initial discovery to complete
  • When to consider alternative forms of discovery: Cloud Discovery Service, Static Discovery, or something custom


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • You must have previous Connext experience and/or training. You must be familiar with the fundamental DDS concepts such as DDS entities, publish/subscribe APIs, Quality of Service configuration, discovery, transports, and configuration files.
  • You must be prepared to discuss your system topology and network architecture

Expected Duration

This service typically is delivered in 4-8 hours.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite if bundled with other activities.

***Please note that RTI has restrictions for onsite services. If you are interested in onsite services, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine if your onsite request can be satisfied.***