Maintaining and evolving your deployed system

Project goals change continuously, and that’s still true even after your system has been deployed. In addition, you’re always looking for system improvements that will benefit your end users. The Professional Services team can work with you to identify how your system can handle new requirements, deploy new capabilities, or take advantage of functionality in more recent versions of Connext.

What's Involved

Potential activities for this service include:

  • Upgrading to newer versions of Connext
  • Post-deployment system debug and analysis
  • Capitalizing on your data model and RTI Infrastructure Services to add new capability and evolve your system
  • System review and refactoring


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • You must have previous Connext experience and/or training. You must be familiar with the fundamental DDS concepts such as DDS entities, publish/subscribe APIs, Quality of Service configuration, discovery, transports, and configuration files.
  • You must be prepared to discuss your data model and Quality of Service (QoS) configuration.

Expected Duration

We'll discuss your objectives to determine the effort required for this service.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite.

***Please note that RTI has restrictions for onsite services. If you are interested in onsite services, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine if your onsite request can be satisfied.***