Containers and Connext

Containers offer a solution to dependency management with lower overhead than other options. Ensuring Connext applications discover and communicate when running in container environments requires an understanding of both the available networking options and Quality of Service configuration. The RTI Professional Services team can teach you how to configure your containers so they will communicate as expected within and across hosts. In addition, you will learn how to create deployable multi-architecture images for your Connext applications using Docker buildx as well as deploy RTI services to run in containers.

What's Involved

An RTI expert will teach you how configure your Connext applications and containers to ensure proper communication:

  • Review the Docker network options in the context of Connext applications:
    • Explore bridge networking
    • Explore host networking
    • Explain how to use the the Connext shared memory transport for containers on the same host
  • Observing Connext applications running in containers:
    • Using RTI tools
    • Capturing network traffic with Wireshark

This Xcelerator also will cover how to build Docker images for Connext applications:

  • Creating an image with a host installation
  • Building Connext applications for either static or dynamic linking against RTI libraries
  • Creating deployable images for RTI services
  • Running containerized RTI GUI tools using ssh with X11 forwarding


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • You must have previous Connext experience and/or training. You must be familiar with the fundamental DDS concepts such as DDS entities, publish/subscribe APIs, Quality of Service configuration, discovery, transports, and configuration files.

Expected Duration

This service typically is delivered in 4 hours.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite if bundled with other activities.

***Please note that RTI has restrictions for onsite services. If you are interested in onsite services, contact your Customer Success Manager to determine if your onsite request can be satisfied.***