Connext DDS Professional Training

The Professional Services team draws on their decades of knowledge and experience to deliver training that accelerates your team’s understanding of the Connext connectivity framework. This expert driven training provides the fastest and most effective way to learn about Connext product suite. In addition to showing you how to use the products, we make sure you understand how to obtain the most value from the Connext databus.

Following a predefined agenda developed over years of experience, our standard training is a mix of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on. The Professional Services expert who delivers your training can tailor the material to your specific use case, making sure your project requirements are addressed.

What's Involved

Connext DDS Professional training teaches you how to apply the connectivity framework to your application and obtain the most value from the Connext databus. The program begins with an overview of Connext DDS Professional, with a discussion on semantics and terminology associated with the databus and anonymous publish/subscribe communication. The training continues by explaining how to define a data model and use Quality of Service (QoS) policies to specify the behavior of the system. Finally, it provides detailed descriptions and demonstrations of Connext DDS Professional capabilities, features and tools.


The following criteria must be met before you can schedule this service:

  • If onsite, you must provide a facility with a whiteboard, projector or screen, and development machines for students.

Expected Duration

This service typically is delivered in 24 hours.

Remote or Onsite

This activity can be delivered remote or onsite.

***Notice regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19): In an effort to protect both the health of our valued customers and employees, RTI has restrictions for on-site services until the resolution of the pandemic.***