At RTI we recognize that complex systems are just that: complex. Complex doesn’t only mean that the design has many parts; it also means that it is just darned hard to navigate from daydream to high-fives while battling with requirement changes and unforeseen problems. Experienced engineers know that they must design for the future and also mitigate the challenges of all those late changes. It could be overwhelming.

Join us on October 8th as RTI Field Application Engineer, Frank Gates, explains why RTI’s Connext® Data Distribution Service (DDS) is the rarest of technologies: one which allows the system designer to confidently design for change. By providing independence between a system’s functional elements and utilizing the proven reliable, resilient and capable connectivity framework, the system designer may allocate effort where it adds the most value: the application.

Who should attend

The intended audience for this seminar is current and rising system architects & designers, whether working on a new fresh design, or figuring out how to breathe new life into a legacy design. If you are looking to get started using DDS for your mission-critical system design project, you won't want to miss this information packed webinar!

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to DDS with an emphasis on the benefits of publish/subscribe to an extensible future-proofed system.
  • Application of Connext DDS’s strong data model and QoS capabilities
  • How Connext DDS may also address secure and safety-critical designs.
  • A Connext DDS and tools demonstration to illustrate the practical aspects of developing with Connext DDS.

Date, time and agenda

Thursday, October 8th, 2020  | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM PDT


Frank Gates, Field Application Engineer, RTI

Frank is enjoying a long career with mission-critical complex systems. Early beginnings with critical-infrastructure voice/data telecoms led to architecting responsive distributed systems and networks, even before they became known as IoT. More recently he has brought high performance COTS solutions to mission- and safety-critical systems in aerospace and autonomous applications.

This webinar is part one of three in the, "Future-Proof Your Mission-Critical Systems with DDS" series:

Part 2: November 5th, 2020: The Advantages of a Great Data Model and DDS

Part 3: December 8th, 2020: RTI's Connext DDS and ROS2