***Notice regarding novel coronavirus (COVID-19): In an effort to protect both the health of our valued customers and employees, RTI has restrictions for on-site services until the resolution of the pandemic.***

Connext Support Package Overview

The goal of the Connext Support Package (CSP) is to provide premium support to assist with installation, operation, maintenance and repair of RTI technology. The CSP is an efficient and flexible way to receive expert assistance during any project stage and provides the assurance that RTI expertise will be available when needed most, thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk.

We recommend using your hours by selecting RTI XceleratorsTM for your project needs. Xcelerators are services designed specifically to help you achieve a targeted result with RTI technology in a matter of days or less. These services are short, scalable and focused to deliver value quickly, drive productivity and expedite use cases. Our goal is to make it easier for you to understand how to access our knowledge and collective experience. You can select Xcelerators based on the phase of your project, near-term milestones or specific needs.

If none of the RTI Xcelerators fit your needs, see below for how to schedule your premium support hours.

Note: Your specific purchase details the duration and number of any onsite visits included with your CSP purchase. If your CSP includes onsite visits, premium support hours may be used in part or full during onsite visits. Hours unused during an onsite visit can be used at a later time for additional remote support.

How to Schedule Your Premium Support Hours

Click here to learn more, view the current catalog, and schedule your RTI  Xcelerators


Interested in something other than RTI Xcelerators?
Click here to schedule your premium support hours
*If you are unable to access the SurveyMonkey link to schedule your support hours, please access this PDF version and return to scheduling@rti.com.

Upon receiving your request, we will contact you to discuss scheduling. We strive to schedule the support hours within 6 weeks of receiving the questionnaire, based on your schedule and RTI resource availability. Support hours that have not been used within the designated time frame will be forfeited without refund.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.
- RTI Professional Services

About RTI Professional Services

The RTI professional services team helps organizations around the world optimize their high-performance DDS-based systems. With over 350 years of combined distributed system design experience and 130 years of DDS experience, our services engineers deliver results ranging from architecture and design review to performance optimization to operational efficiency gains to locating problems in homegrown code. Whether on-site or remote, we provide training, deep-dive analysis, recommendations and hands-on code changes to ensure systems work as intended.

Through years of successful projects, we’ve accumulated deep knowledge about best practices, system optimization and the key tradeoffs to satisfy customer requirements. Working closely with RTI’s growing customer base, we continually discover better, smarter, and more effective ways to help our customers succeed.