Training Anytime and Anywhere

Learning is not a one-time event. Especially in today’s competitive markets, your team needs ongoing access to the latest technological insights to save time and boost productivity. 

RTI Academy is our virtual learning platform, providing on-demand training to enable RTI customers to accelerate their mastery of Connext and leverage best practices for designing autonomous systems. The self-paced training is a series of modules, usually 10-15 minutes in length. Users can directly access the training they need at the pace that works best for them, with the ease of referencing past materials as needed. 

RTI Academy is helpful and flexible when:

  • Requirements change and team members need to learn about newly relevant functionality
  • New members join the team and need to be quickly brought up to speed on Connext
  • Existing Connext knowledge needs a refresh
  • Staying current on the latest features and capabilities in the Connext product suite
  • Multiple teams are spread over several locations, complicating efforts to schedule multiple days for live training

RTI Academy is available at no additional charge based upon the tiers of support: Basic, Essential or Premium. The Connext support plans now gives customers access to a comprehensive portfolio of training options including:

  • RTI Academy - on-demand training from anywhere, anytime.
  • Live training - live, interactive training delivered by an RTI expert who can tailor the material to your system and project needs.
  • Xcelerators - live, focused training on specific Connext products and capabilities.

Ready to begin exploring RTI Academy? Use your customer login to enter the RTI Academy site or contact your regional account team representative to learn more.