RTI Connext® Monitor (Monitor) offers an intuitive window into your system. It provides a detailed, easy-to-use graphical view into your entire ecosystem of applications. Monitor helps optimize the overall system design, and aids in troubleshooting throughout many key phases of integration and testing. You can use it to answer important system optimization questions such as:

  • Should I use multicast?
  • Which nodes are using the most bandwidth?
  • Can I better filter the traffic?
  • Why is that CPU overloaded?


  • Eases application integration and testing 
  • Aids in diagnosing unusual behavior 
  • Reduces risk associated with connection problems and network usage
  • Provides ongoing insight into a system and its components


Monitor provides continuous visibility into deployed systems in production through real-time graphical views of applications connected by RTI Connext® DDS. Monitor enables system performance optimization, helps troubleshoot applications by highlighting unusual behavior patterns, and reduces risks associated with connectivity issues and network usage.