RTI Micro Application Generator is a code generator which transforms XML configuration file(s) into code that creates Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) entities and registers necessary components for RTI Connext® DDS Micro-based applications.

Using DDS-XML standard format, with extensions, the Micro Application Generator transforms XML configuration files into:

  • Data Types
  • Quality of Service (QoS)     
  • Topics
  • Domain Participants
  • Entities


  • Reduces application code size
  • Reduces certification effort and cost
  • Accelerates time to production


Micro Application Generator applies the following approaches to simplify the system definition, development and programming of Connext DDS Micro applications:

  • Decouples application logic and DDS system definition
  • Offers a unified interface with common XML schema
  • Updates QoS without recompiling the application (only RTI Connext® DDS Professional)
  • Enables sharing of configuration and description of the DDS system between Connext DDS Professional and Connext DDS Micro
  • Provides a logical separation between DDS code and user application code
  • Eliminates the need for the XML parser inside the Micro library