Commercial License and Open Community Source

Need help determining which RTI software license better fits your needs? Compare RTI licenses and software distributions.

Licensing Comparison

  Commercial License Open Community Source
Governing license Software License Agreement Open Infrastructure Community License
Warranty and indemnification  Y  
Products available Connext DDS Professional, Connext DDS Secure, Connext DDS Micro, Connext DDS Cert DDS core
Latest generally-available RTI software release Y Y
Patches and updates between general releases Y  
Source code for run-time libraries Y Y
Pre-built binaries for Windows and Linux on Intel Architecture CPUs Y Y
Pre-built binaries for other platforms including mobile, embedded and real-time Optional  
Queueing Service Optional  
Limited-Bandwidth Plugins Optional  
Ada language support Optional  
CORBA compatibility Optional  
Database Integration Service Optional  
Royalty-free run-time licenses for external distribution Y Y
Free self-service support via RTI knowledge base and forums Y Y
Optional phone, email and web support Fixed annual price Priced per hour

Features Comparison

  Commercial License
(Connext DDS Professional)
Open Community Source
(DDS Core)
APIs and Libraries    
DDS C, C++, C# and Java APIs Y Y
Logging Library Y Y
Monitoring Library Y Y
Request/Reply Y  
Transports Commercial License Open Community Source
Shared Memory, UDPv4 Y Y
Secure WAN Transport (TLS, DTLS) Y  
Federation and Integration Commercial License Open Community Source
Routing Service Y  
Gateway Toolkit with Examples Y  
Tools and Infrastructure Services Commercial License Open Community Source
Interface Compiler (rtiddsgen) Y Y
Utilities (rtiddsspy, rtiddsping) Y Y
Spreadsheet Add-In for Microsoft Excel Y Y
Recording and Replay Y  
Persistence Service Y  
Monitor Y  
Administration Console Y