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RTI is the world’s largest DDS supplier and Connext is the most trusted software framework for critical systems.

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RTI provides a broad range of technical and high-level resources designed to assist in understanding industry applications, the RTI Connext product line and its underlying data-centric technology.


RTI is the largest software framework company for autonomous systems. The company’s RTI Connext product enables intelligent architecture by sharing information in real time, making large applications work together as one.

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Connext Anywhere

The first software framework designed to enable rapid development, deployment and upgrades of widely-distributed teleoperation applications.

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Connext Anywhere
Real-Time WAN Transport

Delivers low-latency, high-throughput, reliable and secure communication over mobile and wide area networks.


Enables efficient control of multiple robots, vehicles or other machines across vast distances.

Cloud Discovery Service

Provides dynamic discovery for applications and peer-to-peer connectivity without multicast and across NATs.



Implement Teleoperation in Widely Distributed Systems

A key benefit of autonomous systems is that a single operator can efficiently control multiple robots, vehicles or other machines, regardless of proximity. This is particularly valuable when devices are mobile, or deployed in inaccessible or inhospitable locations.

Historical challenges in supporting wide-area teleoperations include:

  • Accommodating the lower quality of wide area communication
  • Delivering reliable connectivity despite the constraints and complexity of public infrastructure
  • Handling disruptions and possible data loss caused by roaming
  • Developing customizations for each specific network topology and service provider

Connext Anywhere addresses these challenges. today. Based on the DDSTM standard, Connext Anywhere allows development of modular applications that are easy to deploy over diverse network types, configure for deployment-specific environments and upgrade to add capabilities and take advantage of new technologies such as 5G. This accelerates time-to-market while maximizing long-term agility and competitiveness.


A modular architectural foundation for systems that require high-fidelity, real-time communications over mobile, wide-area and public networks

Network-Agnostic DDS-Compliant APIs

Develop modular systems, easily deployed over disparate transports—from shared memory to LANs to WANs—without source code changes. Quickly support deployment-specific networking environments and emerging technologies.

Real-Time WAN Transport

Achieve low latency and high throughput over mobile and wide area networks, without custom development. RTI’s UDP-based protocol delivers data reliably over unreliable connections, even when switching networks. Built-in lossless data compression further maximizes effective throughput.

Cloud Discovery Service

Minimize deployment-specific configuration and maximize scalability. Applications dynamically discover each other and establish efficient peer-to-peer communication on networks without multicast and with Network Address Translation (NAT), including public networks and clouds.

Designed for Mission-Critical Real-Time Applications

Build safe and secure systems. Connext notifies applications if network Quality of Service (QoS) requirements are not met, enabling timely remediation. Fine-grained security controls minimize overhead while satisfying authorization, authentication and privacy needs.



The first connectivity software for widely distributed autonomous systems.

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Connext Anywhere Datasheet
Connext Anywhere Datasheet

Supporting teleoperation in today’s widely distributed autonomous systems

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Connext Anywhere Capability Brief
Connext Anywhere Capability Brief

Examples of working over remote networks in various industries

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Customer Applications

RTI Connext is proven in real-world applications across industries to connect and secure mission-critical, intelligent systems.

Simple & Fair Pricing

Depending on the nature of your project, pricing options include Commercial, Research, Academic and Open Source licenses. We also offer a free 30-day trial.

Commercial Licenses

Pricing is based on the number of developers using Connext on your project. Distribution of applications that use RTI core products is royalty-free.

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Research & University Programs

RTI is committed to supporting universities in their research labs and classroom projects. We offer a free, one-year, renewable license to Connext Secure for academic, noncommercial use.

Research & Non-commercial

RTI offers special license programs for qualified research and non-commercial use. Download a free trial to apply.