For remotely-operated and widely distributed autonomous systems

RTI Connext® 6.1 is the latest release of the RTI Connext product suite. This release features enhancements to significantly accelerate the development of autonomous systems that must operate with real-time, reliable control over large-scale and remotely-operated systems. Included in this release are updates to Connext® Professional 6.1 and Connext® Secure 6.1. 



Connext 6.1, based on the DDS standard, is the first software framework designed to address the development and deployment challenges faced by companies building remotely-operated autonomous systems. Connext 6.1 introduces enhancements to significantly accelerate the development of real-time systems that must operate over these disparate network types. 

Connext 6.1 offers powerful new products and expanded platforms to connect widely distributed systems, integrate heterogeneous technologies and advance developer productivity.

Product Highlights

  • Connect geographically-distributed systems easier and more reliably than ever before with new Real-Time WAN Transport and Cloud Discovery Service.
  • Accelerate system development and deployment by accommodating disparate network types without requiring software changes.
  • Develop large-scale and heterogeneous systems efficiently with expanded platform integration and support.
  • Ease the configuration process and manage the complexity of building large systems with a new tool for intuitive graphical design and configuration, and enhanced administration tools.
  • Built on Data Distribution Service™ (DDS), the proven connectivity standard used in thousands of mission-critical systems worldwide.


New Capabilities

Connext 6.1 solves the most prevalent challenges facing autonomous system development and deployment. New capabilities include:

Geographically-Distributed Systems Connectivity

With Real-Time WAN Transport, users can communicate reliably across wide-area networks, including geographically-distributed systems, traverse NATs, and maintain consistent communication as endpoints move or IP addresses change. Combined with Cloud Discovery Service, users create performant, scalable systems that span diverse networks. 

Expanded Platform Support

New, modernized, multi-platform C# binding runs on .NET Standard 2.0-compatible systems, including .NET 5, .NET Core 2+, and .NET Framework 4.6.1+. Support for .NET Core 5 lets developers use C# and run their applications on any platform that supports .NET Standard 2.0. In addition to Windows, this includes Linux, macOS and the Unity game engine.

Improved Bandwidth Efficiency

Built-in data compression improves efficiency over bandwidth-constrained networks by reducing overhead and latency while increasing effective throughput. A choice of compression algorithms and levels allows optimization of processor versus network utilization for different payload types.

Intuitive Views of Distributed Applications

Graphical views in the Administrator Console now makes it easier to visualize components of live, large-scale systems and their interconnectivity. Four new views have been added: System, Process, Domain and Topic to enable further sorting and visualization of entities. Other exciting new features include color highlighting for Quality of Service match analysis, entity and locator information and exportable Wireshark filters.

Faster Configuration of Connext Applications

System Designer is a graphical, menu-driven tool that enables users to visually specify all the interfaces and configuration of a Connext distributed system. This speeds the configuration process and helps ensure that components written by different developers and teams interoperate. It is based on RTI XML-Based Application Creation – a mechanism to simplify the development of Connext applications.

Built-in Network Capture

This feature enables Connext to capture the network traffic that one or more DomainParticipants send or receive. Salient features include the ability to capture shared memory traffic, view encrypted application data and support all Connext platforms.