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The Role of Standards in Easing Technology Integrations

In Episode 13 of The Connext Podcast:

  • [1:30] Web Integration Service (WIS) - Making a web application a first class DDS citizen
  • [3:40] Where to go to learn more about WIS
  • [4:15] The DDS/OPC UA Gateway - bridging two of the most important IIoT technologies = Interoperability!
  • [6:30] Why standards aren’t enough for ensuring interoperability, AKA why the gateway is such a good solution
  • [7:40] The Gateway - what’s happening with it right now?
  • [8:40] Why we’re building everything on top of Routing Service
  • [10:50] The experience of working with leaders from other industries to write specifications
  • [12:00] What is the OMG?
  • [13:25] Other things he’s working on, including a DDS Syntax for XML
  • [14:40] Some words on RTI Culture
  • [16:38] What is DDS?
  • [17:55] ELI5 - What is DDS?

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