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Securing the Industrial Internet of Things System

In Episode 5 of The Connext Podcast:

  • [2:10] What problems need to be solved with regards to IIoT Security?
  • [6:10] Technology alone will not solve security concerns. Why paying attention to the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) pays off for you in the end.
  • [8:13] Free advice from the IIC! The Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) brings a comprehensive approach for all security stakeholders from business managers and technical leaders to vendors and integrators.
  • [14:25] Thinking through how to secure your connectivity infrastructure.
  • [17:50] DDS is more than just a protocol: DDS Security Specification secures your connectivity in your distributed system without any centralized brokers or single points of vulnerability.
  • [21:30] ICE Medical Demo: Connext DDS Secure in action.
  • [32:27] How to get a hold of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture, Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework, Industrial Internet Security Framework, and DDS Security Specification.

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