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Requirements, Communication Protocols and the IIoT

In Episode 3 of The Connext Podcast:

  • [1:20] Social media for machines! What social media and DDS have in common, plus a great example from medical robotics [3:16]
  • [6:40] About addressing the challenging communications requirements for telerobotics, especially in space (rovers on Mars and the ISS
  • [13:00] How Connext DDS can help you solve your system challenges, especially with respect to integration, communications and security challenges
  • [16:10] Why people are choosing RTI and Connext DDS for their next-gen systems.
  • [18:00] What a system is and why autonomy is so key
  • [19:00] Connected cars, vehicle-to-vehicle comms, sensor systems and the evolution of these systems into larger, smarter systems of systems with ad-hoc P2P networks
  • [24:45] The transition from PhD student in computer science to CEO, to Product Director, to VP of Sales - who is breaking records!
  • [28:28] Insights on RTI’s record growth

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