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Announcing the First Connectivity Software for Architecting IIoT Systems of Systems

In Episode 11 of The Connext Podcast:

  • [1:37] Drivers for Connext DDS 5.3 - What characterizes IIoT Systems
  • [3:20] How do we solve the problem of reliable messaging with Connext DDS?
  • [5:08] Looking at the Layered-Databus Architecture (or Systems of Systems) in IIoT Systems
  • [6:27] Applying the Layered-Databus Architecture to Autonomous Vehicles
  • [10:35] What is new in Connext DDS 5.3?!
  • [11:47] Interoperable Security
  • [15:36] Historical Data Query
  • [19:34] Seamless Device Mobility
  • [23:50] Web Application Interoperability

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  3. [Download] Get started with your free trial of the first connectivity software designed for architecting IIoT systems of systems.

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