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Company Culture and Leading Distributed Teams

In Episode 4 of The Connext Podcast:

  • [2:15] Things we’ve done differently with our HQ (USA) team, Spain team and beyond, plus the realities of a distributed engineering/dev team

  • [5:30] How we maintain our culture amidst periods of rapid growth

  • [6:25] Promotion from within - why it’s so key to keeping the culture and why engineers make some of the best managers (YES!)

  • [9:05] What kinds of engineers we are seeking

  • [12:30] Tools we love and how we use them to stay connected

  • [16:51] Handling conflict in a way that builds your team up, making it stronger

  • [18:00] Our Manifesto

  • [20:25] Why every single engineer does a stint on our support team

  • [24:30] What is DDS? What does RTI build and what do we do?

  • [31:35] ELI5: DDS 

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