Manned and Unmanned Air Traffic Management

Advanced air traffic control requires integrating flight data from multiple sources for safe automation and management. As the airspace becomes more congested with aircrafts and drones, information needs to be transmitted in real-time with complete fault tolerance.

RTI Connext DDS provides the fast, resilient and secure data distribution needed for the safe operation of complex manned and unmanned air traffic control environments. It supports reliable real-time communication even over disadvantaged radio networks, making it well-suited to connectivity within the control segment as well as to aircrafts.

Connext DDS offers safe and secure communications. It has proven certifiability and is available with a complete DO-178C Design Assurance Level (DAL) A Certification Data Package. It supports multiple programming languages, operating system and hardware platforms, and network transports, reducing development costs and streamlining the integration of new and legacy systems.

RTI solutions are trusted to help run air traffic control systems around the world, including the world’s largest commercial air traffic system. Connext DDS is based on the military-grade Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, which underlies the General Atomics Advanced Cockpit Ground Control Station (GCS).