Advanced energy generation requires secure, real-time, connected intelligence. RTI delivers the mission-critical connectivity framework that enables data sharing, from the smallest energy collection points to large-scale distributed environments. Connext DDS optimizes energy production and data flow through the modernization and protection of legacy devices, shared securely and seamlessly across the enterprise.   

Connext DDS exceeds today’s requirements for extreme availability, fault tolerance, scalability, performance and security - all with flexible installation and cutover options. With no servers to fail, data from multiple devices operates in concert on the Connext databus for zero downtime of pertinent data.

Based on the Object Management Group’s DDS open standard, Connext DDS delivers system flexibility through filtering, ordering/weighting, data conversion, publish and subscribe, routing, web interfaces, security and more. Robust security protects all networks as well as the communications infrastructure.

Learn why Connext DDS is the system of choice for the world’s largest, modern wind farms and other global leaders in energy production.


Use Case Feature Value

Transactive energy systems

Energy accounting - wholesale & retail

Connext DDS can quickly leverage and integrate with commercial off-the-shelf technologies, like time-series databases and blockchain solutions, to support transactive energy.

Remote monitoring of legacy equipment

Low bandwidth DDS

Monitor and control - with full security devices across your system regardless of communication type. Data integrity at the data level ensures no gaps in visibility.

Evolving Data Models

Extensible Types (X-Types)

Maintains interoperability between subsystems and over time, despite differences in the data model

Heterogeneous or Unknown Hardware Platform

Extensive Platform and Transport Support

Application can be moved between different operating systems and hardware platforms, and use different transports without any code changes


Peer-to-Peer, brokerless, server less

Proven capability to scale from a small PoC to a very large system with millions of data points

Reusing IP in new projects and production

Robust, future proof architecture

Applications can be migrated to production grade, or new projects, seamlessly