The modern power grid increasingly incorporates Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) from a variety of sources - including renewable energy, such as solar and wind. DERs are already starting to provide positive net value to the smart grid and growing customer demand for clean energy.  

RTI Connext DDS delivers the distributed intelligence needed to integrate DERs into existing production environments for optimal energy production and distribution. Connext DDS enables partially/fully autonomous systems with auto-discovery and distribution of relevant data to where it is needed. It enables inter-device connectivity that works to modernize and secure even the oldest of devices and protocols, quickly and completely.

As proven and shown in some of the world’s largest deployments in operation today, Connect DDS delivers scalability to manage unpredictable demand, connecting millions of data points per second. Its layered databus architecture doesn’t require servers or message brokers, eliminating the risk of system fail-over or choke points. This distributed layer allows devices from the remote edge to share data with each other, and with the central office.

Power companies rely on Connext DDS to streamline, integrate, modernize, and secure legacy protocols and field-based systems with the smart grid. The standard-based framework provides data persistence on devices and gateways. Integrations to popular Historian systems (i.e. OSISoft Pi) are baked-in, meaning faster implementations and lower ongoing costs.  

Learn how RTI solutions are leading the evolution from analog to digital production environments to meet the demands of today’s energy environments.


Use Case Feature Value

Open Field Message Bus

Common Data Model

OpenFMB hits full stride with DDS - enabling autodiscovery, persistence, interoperability and more.

Poor quality or low-bandwidth

Data integrity

Over a single network connection, multiple connections or intermittent connections, Connext DDS can manage your data - completely.

Heterogeneous or Unknown Hardware Platform

Extensive Platform and Transport Support

Application can be moved between different operating systems and hardware platforms, and use different transports without any code changes.  Devices “unknown to us today” do not cause risk - they will operate with DDS

Modular Development

Data-centric Architecture

Applications depend only on the data interface, not on the behavior of other modules


Peer-to-Peer, brokerless, server less

Proven capability to scale from a small PoC to a very large system with millions of data points

Reusing IP in new projects and production

Robust, future proof architecture

Applications can be migrated to production grade, or new projects, seamlessly