There are several options for using Connext® with ROS 2:

  • rmw_connextdds supports RTI Connext 5.3.1 or later, and has become the official RMW implementation for Connext starting with the ROS 2 Galactic release. The implementation replaces the previous rmw_connext_cpp, which is now deprecated. Critical performance bottlenecks are resolved by rmw_connextdds. rmw_connext_cpp remains available in older ROS 2 releases, up to Foxy, and only provides support for RTI Connext 5.3.1. rmw_connextdds may also be used with older releases, as far back as Dashing, if built from source.
  • rmw_connextddsmicro, is a companion RMW implementation which supports RTI Connext® Micro 3 or later. This implementation is only available as a source package.

The following table summarizes the available RMW implementations and their compatibility with different ROS 2 releases:

RMW Included in ROS 2 Releases Compatible with ROS 2 Releases Compatible with Connext version
rmw_connextdds Galactic, Rolling D - G, Rolling 5.3.1, 6.x
rmw_connextddsmicro - D - G, Rolling Micro 3.x
rmw_connext_cpp Ardent - Foxy A - G, Rolling 5.3.1


Please contact your local RTI representative or email for more information on using Connext with ROS/ROS 2.