Intelligent Distributed Systems

With over 1,800 designs, RTI software runs over 250 autonomous vehicle programs, controls the largest power plants in North America, coordinates combat management on U.S. Navy ships, drives a new generation of medical robotics, enables flying cars, and provides 24/7 intelligence for hospital and emergency medicine. RTI Connext:

  Exceeds stringent real-time requirements and distributes high volumes of data with low latency
  Provides fine-grained security through standardized authentication, encryption, and access control
  Accelerates integration and eases incremental updates to deployed systems
  Delivers nonstop availability with no single point of failure. Ideal for mission-critical systems


Free Licenses for Eligible Universities

If you are a university researcher or professor, you may be eligible for a free license to Connext for your lab or classroom. Please visit the University Program page for details.

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