Welcome to the RTI on the Road Seminar Series

We are pleased to present a series of educational seminars designed for our audience to gain a better understanding of the challenges associated with implementing autonomous systems. We are dedicated to sharing best practices for and examples of addressing these challenges and optimizing systems – best practices developed from extensive experience designing distributed systems.

Each seminar focuses on the unique challenges of an industry where autonomous systems are revolutionizing all aspects. These are the industries in which RTI customers rely on us to help them develop intelligent, distributed systems to run a smarter world.

Follow the links below to learn more about each seminar. The seminar series continues to grow and additional topics and locations will be added throughout the year.

RTI on the Road - Upcoming Seminars:

Industry Topic 2022 Date Location
Maritime Solving Maritime Autonomy Challenges November 17 Norfolk, VA, USA

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Prior Seminars in the Series:

Industry Topic 2022 Date Location
Robotics The Rise of Autonomy and Robotics: Challenges and Best Practices in Design July 26 Singapore
Maritime Solving Maritime Autonomy Challenges July 12 Middletown, RI, USA