RTI is proud to be a Silver level sponsor of the 20th ACM/IFP International Middleware Conference (Middleware 2019). We believe in fostering innovation through academic research collaborations, supporting students in their graduate studies, and assisting research/education efforts by providing our high-quality open standards-based middleware platform free of charge to academic institutions.

RTI's speaking presence at Middleware '19 will be during the latter half of the Doctoral Symposium. However, we will be around to engage in discussions about bleeding edge research, possible avenues of collaboration, and how our platform helps our customers solve real-world mission-critical problem in industrial IoT settings. Please feel free to reach out to us directly so we can be sure to connect face-to-face!


Doctoral Symposium Keynote

The Road Less-Traveled: How to Land a Post-PhD Job Actually in Your Thesis Topic Area

The tech industry seems to be siphoning the majority of PhD talent into "one-size-fits-all" software engineering roles. Despite the Silicon Valley allure of huge stock packages and office perks rivaling those of 4-star resorts, a PhD is not "one-size-fits-all" and neither are your post-graduation plans. In this talk, I'll recount my end-of-PhD experience last year with applying to, interviewing for, and ultimately accepting a new job as I transitioned from academia to a small industry research team. My hope is that sharing my experiences may help you in choosing the best path for you personally and making the difficult decision between alternatives such as academia vs. industry, startup vs. Big 4, and "relevant to my thesis" vs. "I have no idea what this tech is, but I'm confident I'll figure it out". I'll break down the messy process of finding the right competitive offers and then deciding between them into a personalized fuzzy approach at approaching the problem critically (like any PhD should).


Doctoral Symposium Tutorial

Connext DDS for Researchers: a Gentle Introduction to the Leading Industrial IoT Connectivity Platform

Are you building a mission-critical distributed IoT application? A new pub/sub system for your research but dreading all the manual systems programming issues you'll encounter when building out the data plane? Or perhaps you want to implement and test your newly-proposed feature/algorithm within a real-world connectivity middleware? Then please join us at this tutorial that will introduce you to the Data Distribution Service (DDS) and RTI's industry-leading implementation. We'll discuss the features of the open DDS standard that led to it being trusted by mission-critical industries from healthcare to robotics (DDS is the communication layer of ROS2) to aerospace & defense. We'll also share our perspective on cutting edge research being conducted in IoT connectivity middleware, possible thesis topics for those interested in this area, and possible avenues of collaboration with the RTI research team. We are proud to offer our scalable, ruggedized, resilient, highly-performant, data-centric middleware to the academic research/education community FREE of charge!

Please feel free to download our demonstration software so that you can follow along during the tutorial and see for yourself the power of RTI Connext DDS:

  • Learn the basics of DDS without coding through our interactive Shapes Demo! Install it on your laptop and Android phone, connect them to a Wi-Fi network that supports multicast, and see how easy configuring many QoS parameters for pub/sub can be!
  • For a DDS experience centered around scripting programming languages, we provide RTI Connector for Connext DDS so you can quickly get started programming with DDS. You can find more technical information about this API layer in our Github repository.

If you are interested in using our fully-configurable data-centric middleware platform in your research, please apply for a free academic research license through our University Program. To engage with our Research Team about possible avenues of collaboration, we would love to hear from you and can be reached at kyle@rti.com


Presenter Biography

Kyle Benson received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine in late 2018 and joined RTI as a Research Engineer in early 2019. His dissertation, entitled "Resilient Communications Middleware for IoT Data Exchange", explored the use of edge computing and SDN to improve communications between constrained devices during challenging scenarios such as network disruptions. His current areas of research at RTI include fail-over of VM/container-based microservices, enabling resilient AI workflows in challenging edge computing environments, and supporting high-performance data exchange for modeling and simulation environments built in 3D gaming engines.