Building complex distributed systems is tough, we're here to make it easier.

We're pleased to introduce "Intro to Connext," an informative and interactive webinar series designed for systems engineers and software developers alike. Whether you're considering the Data Distribution Service (DDS) Standard for your distributed system application design project or simply curious how complex computing systems communicate, this quarterly series is for you! 


Upcoming "Intro to Connnext" Webinars


Past "Intro to Connext" Webinars 


What can you anticipate every quarter?

Presented by an RTI Field Application Engineer, each Intro to Connext series will be comprised of two BrightTALK webinar sessions, held one week apart. The series format is as follows:

Part one - DDS Overview:
The first in the series will compare DDS to traditional socket based network communication. It will also include an introduction to publish and subscribe communication with QoS, which are the core features of RTI's Connext®, the world's leading implementation of the DDS standard.

Part two - Connext Tools Demo:
The second will take attendees through a technical dive into the Connext Tools product suite and illustrate how organizations are using them to increase productivity and results in their distributed application.

Attendee interaction is always appreciated! Our technical experts would love to answer any questions you may have during the dedicated Q&A portion of each webinar.

If you have any colleagues that would benefit from attending, feel free to share this series!