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Cloud Discovery Service

A stand-alone application for deploying Connext applications in dynamic environments, including where UDP/IP multicast is not available.

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What does it do? 

An Out-of-the-Box Solution for Provisioning Discovery in Cloud-Based Environments.

*RTI Cloud Discovery Service is now a fully productized feature beginning in our Connext 6.1 release. For customers not yet migrated to Connext 6.1 or higher, Cloud Discovery Service is available from this web page.


RTI Cloud Discovery Service is a stand-alone application needed to deploy RTI Connext applications in dynamic environments where UDP/IP multicast is not available. This is typical of wide area networks or some cloud-based environments where the routers and switches may disable IP multicast forwarding.

DDS has a built-in discovery mechanism that allows all DDS applications to automatically detect the presence of other applications and discover the Topics they publish and subscribe along with the associated data types and Quality of Service (QoS).

The built-in discovery mechanism primarily relies on UDP/IP multicast to bootstrap the detection of other DDS applications and learn their network addresses. The use of UDP/IP multicast allows DDS discovery to be completely peer-to-peer – that is, operate without requiring any additional servers or brokers. The applications themselves can discover each other directly.

However, if Connext applications run in environments where UDP/IP multicast is not available then the built-in (peer-to-peer) discovery is not sufficient. Connext is based on the DDS standard.

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  1. Dynamic discovery remains possible even if there is no multicast available without the need to anticipate or maintain a list of peers.
  2. Cloud Discovery Service integrates seamlessly in a DDS environment. Because it operates at the RTPS [2] level, RTI Connext applications do not need any special behavior or protocol. They just need to configure their Initial Peers to contain the location where Cloud Discovery Service is running. Since this is all configurable at runtime, there is no need to recompile your application. This implies that Cloud Discovery Service will also work with existing services such as RTI Routing Service, Connext Micro, or with other implementations of DDS-RTPS.
  3. Discovery remains as a distributed process performed among all the DomainParticipants. This allows you to scale the system dynamically, and avoids centralized and bottleneck servers.

Cloud Discovery Service is available via RTI Connext Professional 6.0.0. A free 30-day trial is available here.

RTI Labs Project Type: Application

Maturity level: Experimental

Support. Cloud Discovery Service is an experimental product, prior to the Connext 6.1 release. As such, we do offer support using the earlier version through the RTI Community Forum where fellow users and RTI engineers can help you. 

Feedback. We'd love your feedback! Please visit the RTI Community Forum to provide feedback on Cloud Discovery  Service.

Which platform(s) is it available on? For information regarding supported platforms and compatibility, please see the Release Notes

Product compatibility. Backwards compatibility with RTI products (pre 6.0.x) is not guaranteed. Please see the Release Notes for details. 

License. Cloud Discovery Service is governed by Section 3e (Evaluation License) of the Software License Agreement.

Cloud Discovery Service is supported with full documentation.

The Cloud Discovery Service User's Manual contains detailed instructions to help you with:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Running Cloud Discovery Service from a command line tool
  • Troubleshooting

In addition to this, the Cloud Discovery Service User's Manual boasts the following five examples:

  1. Using a built-in UDP transport. This example illustrates the basic functionality of Cloud Discovery Service. It shows how Connext DDS applications discover each other through an instance of Cloud Discovery Service.
  2. Using a custom listening port. This example extends the previous example example: Using a built-in UDP transport to run Cloud Discovery Service on a custom listening port over UDP.
  3. Using RTI TCP Transport. This example extends the previous example: Using a built-in UDP transport to use the RTI TCP transport for both discovery and user data. The example shows how to run Cloud Discovery Service using the pre-registered instance of RTI TCP transport.
  4. Using RTI TCP Transport with RTI TLS Support. This example extends the previous example: Using a built-in UDP transport to enable TLS for secure communication. The example shows how to run Cloud Discovery Service using the pre-registered transport instance of the RTI TCP transport with TLS enabled.
  5. Using RTI Secure WAN Transport. This example extends the previous example: Using a built-in UDP transport to use the RTI Secure WAN transport for communication. The example shows how to run Cloud Discovery Service with a user-registered transport instance of the RTI Secure WAN transport.

There is also an XSD Schema available.

If you're interested in using Cloud Discovery Service, we think you'll also enjoy the following content:

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