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The following are registered trademarks or service marks of Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

  • 1RTI
  • Connext
  • RTI
  • Real-Time Innovations
  • NDDS
  • Controlshell
  • Shaping the future of real time

The following are trademarks or service marks of Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

  • Connectivity Platform for the IoT
  • RTI Connext
  • The Core Nervous System for the Internet of Things
  • The Global Leader in DDS
  • The Communications Platform for the Real-Time Internet of Things
  • The Real-Time Middleware Company
  • The Real-Time Middleware Experts
  • RTI Distributed Data Management
  • Your systems. Working as one.
  • Carbot

Use of the above marks without the written permission of Real-Time Innovations, Inc. is prohibited. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, and servicemarks used on the RTI website and other printed material are the property of their respective owners. Any questions regarding trademark information and references should be directed to info@rti.com.