Virtual ConnextCon 2021: Preparing for an Autonomous Future

As industries transition into the next iteration of an autonomous future, our customers are moving past the hype to build practical, productive and safe autonomy. Systems that were once powered by humans, connected by hardware and operated locally are making way for AI-enabled, software-defined distributed systems. Additionally, for companies to gain a competitive edge, autonomous systems must operate in inaccessible, remote or hazardous environments without sacrificing performance. From underwater drones to space systems, from electric autonomous vehicles to surgical robots, the future is autonomous.


But the path to autonomy is rife with technical and business challenges. Connectivity, mobility, security, safety certification and more are core requirements that must be designed in from the beginning. And this is where ConnextCon 2021 can help. ConnextCon can give companies the insight they need to navigate the path from development to production, while the window of market opportunity is still wide open. Attendees will hear from users building autonomous systems, and be able to exchange ideas, questions and answers in real time. 

Last year’s ConnextCon 2020 was a great example of this dynamic. The many RTI speakers and advisors that spoke at last year’s event – such as Rivian, GE Healthcare, Kratos Defense, Dreamscape Immersive, KTN GmbH and Veoneer Vision – did a great job exploring the art of blending technical expertise with real-world know-how to succeed in the marketplace.  

ConnextCon is also a great way to engage with our team of experts. In 2020, RTI executives and technical experts presented topics that included the future of autonomy, a technical deep-dive into scalability for industrial systems, an introduction to Connext DDS, security for mission-critical defense systems, and data centricity in electric and autonomous vehicles. In 2021, ConnextCon will take aim at preparing for an autonomous future, fueled by next-generation technology and the evolution of widely distributed systems. 

As the largest software framework provider for autonomous systems, RTI and our innovative customers are at the forefront of autonomy – leading the way with real-world systems in autonomous vehicles, aerospace & defense, medical, transportation, energy, industrial automation, and more. 

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ConnextCon 2021 – Entirely virtual. Entirely essential.

US/Americas ConnextCon has concluded EMEA/APAC ConnextCon has concluded


US/Americas ConnextCon has concluded EMEA/APAC ConnextCon has concluded