New Approaches to Developing Intelligent, Connected Digital Systems

Developing next-generation medical systems is challenging, with a host of unknowns and technical risk that can require costly changes and delays down the road. Today’s systems are increasingly complex and connected across distributed hardware, software and data-driven applications. Legacy architectures are typically not scalable, flexible or cyber resilient. Companies need to continuously innovate by leveraging new technologies while complying with the latest industry regulations and standards. 

These challenges – along with the convergence of robotics, visualization, sensors, and intelligence – are driving new approaches to medtech design. Real-time data connectivity architectures provide the foundation for a new class of medical systems that need to be interoperable, scalable and secure. Model-based development techniques enable product teams to efficiently design, prototype and test systems that rely on sensor data, real-time processing and connected platforms. 

In this 90-minute session, you will learn how state-of-the-art software technologies, frameworks and design can accelerate product life cycles from the modeling stage to production. Learn from industry experts as they discuss solutions that tackle the critical development challenges of next-generation intelligent and connected medical systems.

Event Details

 October 26, 2023

  11:00 to 12:30 EDT

  Virtual Forum


Guest Panelists & Speakers From:

Cambridge Consultants


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Speakers & Panelists 

Darren Porras

Market Development Manager for Healthcare, RTI

Akhilesh Mishra

Medical Device Industry Manager, MathWorks

Alex Maret

Vice President, Robotics & Digital Surgery, Cambridge Consultants

Stuart Kozlick

MedTech Executive


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