Smart Machines: Humans In, On and Out of the Loop

Connectivity Challenges for Intelligent Systems (and How to Solve Them)

Smart machines span many of the world’s largest and most complex applications, from sophisticated robots to autonomous vehicles to military defense systems and large-scale power grids. These systems are highly distributed, augmented with advanced edge intelligence, demanding high flexibility and scalability to cope with stringent requirements, not just to meet the current needs but also the future expansion and evolution. The level of autonomy of smart machines and systems can be described as manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous, commonly referred to as humans in, on and out of the loop.

In this seminar, we will share our own expertise in smart system design, showcase important productivity tools and software design approaches from selected partners and explore some of the important technical design considerations such as; the smart tools needed to design smart systems; scaling that doesn’t leave legacy systems behind; deploying and updating distributed applications; and how ROS 2 and the DDS standard pair up to accelerate robotics and autonomous systems development.

Join us for these technical discussions and a complementary lunch. You will gain a better understanding of autonomous systems challenges and solutions across all markets and RTI’s insights and recommended best practices for tackling the complex challenges of smart machines.

Guest Speakers:

Shwetha Patil, DDS Blockset PM Manager, MathWorks

Tom Amlicke, Software Architect, MedAcuity

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Featured Speakers and Guests

Bert Farabaugh

Director of Field Application Engineering, RTI

Bert Farabaugh is the Director of Field Applications Engineering at RTI, and in addition has been working as an FAE covering the Northeastern US and strategic accounts for over 15 years.

Starting off in developing robotic systems for 12 years at a few defense contractors, Bert developed a strong understanding of what it takes to create a real-time system.  From 1998 through 2003, he further expanded his knowledge of real-time applications by working for Wind River, a leading provider of real-time operating systems.  

Since starting at RTI in 2003, Bert has expanded his competence in real-time applications and distributed systems architecture design.


Shwetha Patil

DDS Blockset PM Manager, MathWorks

Shwetha Bhadravathi Patil is a Senior Product Manager at MathWorks with a focus on DDS, AUTOSAR and Simulink code generation products. She is versed in embedded application software development for automotive ECUs. Prior to MathWorks, Shwetha worked as a software developer for Delphi automotive on AUTOSAR-based projects and worked as a technical marketing engineer for automotive Video CODECs at Analog Devices Inc.  Shwetha graduated from Tufts University with a master’s degree in engineering management and Manipal University with a master’s degree in automotive embedded systems.

Tom Amlicke

Software Architect, MedAcuity

Tom Amlicke is a software architect and robotics systems engineer at MedAcuity with over twenty years of embedded and application-level development experience. Tom has been in a lead role on multiple robotics projects, overseeing end-to-end development of mobile robotic systems and surgical robotics systems. These systems are designed and implemented with model-based design (code generated from MATLAB and Simulink) or more traditional languages, such as C++, C# and Java. Tom has designed, and implemented these systems using ROS, ROS2, DDS, CAN or other technologies.

Ken Brophy

Principal Application Engineer, RTI

Mr. Brophy is a Principal Software Engineer and serves as the tools team lead at RTI. He has over 20 years of experience in every major stage of developing large-scale distributed systems including, research, architecture, design, implementation, testing, deployment, consulting, and training. Mr. Brophy has led several teams of software engineers and is currently leading an international team of software engineers who develop tools for real-time middleware.


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