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Modern Asynchronous Request/Reply with DDS-RPC

Complex distributed systems often use multiple styles of communication, interaction patterns, to implement functionality. One-to-many publish-subscribe, one-to-one request-reply, and one-to-one queuing (i.e., exactly-once delivery) are the most common. RTI Connext DDS supports all three.

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Data-Centric Stream Processing in the Fog

It has been almost an year and a half since my last post on reactive stream processing with RTI Connext DDS. A lot has happened since then and I've a lot of interesting updates to share with you.

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Reactive Programming using RTI Connext DDS and Microsoft Rx

Reactive Programming is perhaps among the top few technologies rocking the dev world recently. See ReactConf, InfoQ, and Gartner Hype Cycle. The titans of software technology are pushing reactive programming for mobile and cloud applications. I think this is simply an expansion--a major one--of proven techniques into new classes of applications, i.e., the applications joining the club are new, but the principles are really not.

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RTI RefleX: Reflection-based Type Modeling for DDS Topics

Data-Centricity—a design approach that places the data first and foremost in the thinking, construction and operation of a system—is perhaps the most salient feature of DDS. Data-centric systems are everywhere: databases, for one, REST is another. Similar to databases, DDS is aware of the structure of the data used by the applications to communicate. Naturally, DDS needs a way specify the structure.

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DDS Programming using Modern C++

Resurgence of C++ is spreading in many industries. International computer system standards that target C++ for application portability, are quickly adopting modern C++. At the Object Management Group (OMG)—an international standards consortium—the DDS-PSM-Cxx and the IDL2C++11 standards have been ahead of the curve. The DDS-PSM-Cxx is among the family of standards around the core Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard for developing high-performance distributed real-time systems. The DDS-PSM-Cxx standard, officially known as the "ISO/IEC C++ 2003 Language Platform Specific Mapping (PSM) for DDS", was finalized in December 2012. DDS-PSM-Cxx provides a portable C++ API for DDS programming, which is modern, idiomatic, STL-friendly, expressive, safe, and efficient. DDS-PSM-Cxx targets C++03 and makes special provisions for ensuring portability in C++11 environment.

Eager to learn more on how this shiny new way of programming DDS looks like and so cool about it? Read on...

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Mixing Return Codes and Exceptions in the RTI Connext C++ API

Happy New Year!!

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