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Announcing the DDS-XRCE Specification: A Protocol for Sensor Networks

XRCE stands for eXtremely Resource-Constrained Environments. The new DDS-XRCE protocol was just adopted by the Object Management Group (OMG) to deliver the benefits of the DDS databus to resource-constrained devices. It enables access to DDS data in deployments where it was not previously possible due to limited resources.

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Now is the Time to Migrate from PrismTech OpenSplice to RTI Connext DDS.

With the recent acquisition of PrismTech by the Taiwanese company ADLINK, we are seeing increased demand for porting from OpenSplice to RTI Connext DDS.

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The Attack of the DDS C++ APIs

If you are currently developing Connext DDS applications in C++, you have a single API option: Use a "traditional" DDS API that is derived from the DDS interface definition defined in the OMG IDL language.

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