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What’s New in the Modern C++ API

Since we introduced the modern C++ API for DDS, we’ve seen a lot of interest from our customers. Several of them have started developing brand new systems in C++11. We’ve also been constantly improving the API and there are a few new features, big and small, that I wanted to talk about here.

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Modern C++ is here!

We are thrilled to announce that the Modern C++ API for RTI Connext DDS is complete and publicly available now with RTI Connext 5.2 (data sheet). A lot of our customers have already experienced a new way to write DDS code through our preview version—we hope you'll enjoy it too!

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Create A P2P Distributed Application In Under 35 Lines Of C++11 Code!

If I had to give you one reason why C++ is king (and this isn't changing anytime soon) it would be this: C++ lets you create very powerful abstractions with zero or minimal runtime impact. Few languages can offer both. When designing your API, it's critical that you take advantage of what the language has to offer — leveraging its strengths to enhance, among other things, its usability.

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Managing the life cycle of resources in Java 7: the new try-with-resources block

Java 7 includes a small language change to handle the destruction of resources in a try statement. The new code block, known as try-with-resources, looks like this:

try (MyResource myResource = new MyResource()) {
   // use myResource

MyResource is a class that implements java.lang.AutoCloseable. The Java Virtual Machine will call myResource.close() whenever the program leaves the try block (whether it exits normally or after throwing an exception).

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