About RTI

RTI provides the connectivity platform for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Our RTI Connext® messaging software forms the core nervous system for smart, distributed applications.  RTI Connext allows devices to intelligently share information and work together as one integrated system. RTI was named "The Most influential Industrial Internet of Things Company" in 2014 by Appinions and published in Forbes.  

Our customers span the breadth of the Internet of Things, including medical, energy, mining, air traffic control, trading, automotive, unmanned systems, industrial SCADA, naval systems, air and missile defense, ground stations, and science.

RTI is committed to open standards, open community source and open architecture. RTI provides the leading implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard.

RTI is the world's largest embedded middleware provider, privately held and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.

Core Values and Beliefs

We realize the potential of our employees and our company.

  • We believe the company has a fundamental responsibility to further the career and quality of life of every employee.
  • We believe that each employee has a fundamental responsibility to further the health and interests of the company.
  • Above all, we must enjoy the journey.

We provide extraordinary value to our customers.

  • We go the extra mile to ensure a long-term successful partnership.
  • We see customers as an opportunity to serve.
  • We are driven by market needs, but do not fear to lead with our vision.

We run a profitable business with uncompromising ethics.

  • We believe in trust, respect, and absolute honesty in all relationships.
  • We build to last.
  • We run lean; we do more with less.

We work as a team.

  • We believe the team comes first: Think we, not I.
  • We practice servant leadership.
  • We cultivate input.
  • We communicate openly; everyone can understand and participate in management.

We actively pursue excellence.

  • We are proud of what we do.
  • We are proud of our people, our technology, our work ethic, and our culture.
  • We value and reward excellence and initiative.

We strive to make the world better.